Sci-Friday #129 – Panic in Year Zero – Scifi with Jazz

Panic in Year Zero is scifi with a jazz soundtrack, a classic tale with yesteryear stars, and a masterclass in indie filmmaking. A special treat for Sci-Friday, one of the greatest post-apocalyptic movies you’ve never seen. You’ll want to watch Panic in Year Zero for a lot of reasons: 1) It’s Scifi 2) It features Jean “Lina Lamont from ‘Singin’ in the Rain'” Hagen and Frankie Avalon and 3) the house from ‘My Three Sons.’ Panic in Year Zero wrote the book on ‘post-apocalyptic scifi’ storytelling, inspiring hundreds of movies up to and including Cloverfield. Now you can watch it on for free:

The key to enjoying any ‘B’ movie is to set your expectations low. If you can do that, you’ll enjoy Panic in Year Zero, which one of the first movies of its kind and deserves a lot of credit for deep storytelling on minimal budget. The cinematography and dialogue is pretty decent for the period, too. Thanks to BoingBoing for the tip – enjoy this campy scifi classic to kick off your weekend. I hope you enjoy this Sci-Friday and dive down the rabbit hole of every other Sci-Friday I’ve published in the past couple years. Have a great weekend!