Sci-Friday #128 – Monty Python Star Trek MashUp

Love Star Trek? Love Monty Python? Enjoy this Monty Python Star Trek Mashup as the “The Knights of the Round Table” from Holy Grail is performed by Star Trek: TOS:

Everyone has their own reasons for loving Star Trek and Monty Python. For one, both franchises can be appreciated on their own merits, and satirized without losing any of their charm. Monty Python and Star Trek are also alike in that they examine social rules and concepts that defy logical explanation. If you grew up understanding that the world is an arbitrary place with no patience for non-conformists, Monty Python and Star Trek provided safe harbors for reflection and introspection.

Both franchises are alike in one other way – they’re smart. Star Trek combined ‘smart’ with ‘adventure,’ while Monty Python combined ‘smart’ with ‘funny.’ Star Wars in many ways is smart, but it doesn’t assume the level of knowledge that both Star Trek and Monty Python expect of their audiences. It’s made them cultural icons and emotional lodestones for the nerd/geek communities for nearly six decades, and it’s why we’re excited to see William Shatner blast off on a Blue Origin rocket next week.

So, for Sci-Friday #128 please enjoy this Monty Python Star Trek Mashup. I hope you enjoy this Sci-Friday and dive down the rabbit hole of every other Sci-Friday I’ve published in the past couple years. Have a great weekend!