My Scifi Short Story Production Board – Jackson Allen

My Scifi Short Story Production Board - Jackson Allen

Greetings! This is my scifi short story production board, where I list all the scifi short stories I am working on. Organization is key if you intend to be successful, so I wanted to track all my work in a single place. You might find this process interesting, and instructive for your own writing journey. You might also enjoy some of my microfiction entries. Read below for a breakdown on the publication / submittal process.


Title Submitted To Date Submitted Status
Table for One Terraform 4/11/2021 Submitted
Deathclock Machine Available Now 06/15/2021 Pending
Last Message from Titan Six Available Now 7/5/2021 Pending
Necktie Party In Rewrites
Pap Therapy Available Now 5/31/2021 Published
The Conquered (Draft 2.0) Available Now 01/20/2021 Published
The Battle of Victoria Crater Available Now 12/4/2017 Published
Body Issues Available Now 10/03/2017 Published
Call of the Void Available Now 04/02/2021 Published
The Superhero Shrink Available Now 3/27/2017 Published
The Superhero Shrink: Climate Change Available Now 7/18/2017 Published
Planet Ugh Available Now 10/03/2017 Published
ForeveRest Available Now 9/06/2018 Published
The Rocket Available Now 01/21/2019 Published
Siloed TBD TBD Production
White Station TBD TBD Production
Purgatory TBD TBD Production
Mars for Sale TBD TBD Production
The Thinkers TBD TBD Production


The Publication Process

The process is relatively simple, once I think a story is good enough for publication I’ll submit it to magazines/online anthologies that I think will purchase them.

I don’t submit to free online resources and/or smaller publishers for a very important reason (Here’s why). If it doesn’t meet their needs, I’ll try elsewhere. If a story has been through a round-robin of publishers with no success, then I’ll publish it online as a free story for new members of the Inkican Crew.