No Story to Tell

This happens every once in a while. Life, the universe, and everything else come together leaving me with no story to tell. I even went back into Google to find that one episode of Amazing Stories or The Outer Limits where the local soothsayer, required to give the king a new story every night, can’t do so. Fortunately for him, the journey to the story is the story itself, and his life is saved. Sadly, no weird, fantastical things are happening around the JA domicile. I’m experiencing the same grinding concerns and questions you are. COVID’s locked us all into a never-ending production of ‘Waiting for Godot.’┬áSo while we’re waiting, let’s review what’s happened over this long holiday weekend.

– I got my Twitter account locked – yeah, that’s right: Twitter jail. I told the story over on Imgur and it turns out a lot of people were sympathetic to my dilemma.

– Got a COVID scare – turns out I was exposed to COVID, a vaccinated friend still got it, and exposed me to it, too. $130 later, I seem to be fine. I got my shot earlier this year and it seems to have worked. Get vaccinated, kids.

– Worked more on Cinderellavator’s story structure. I’ve spent weeks beating on the narrative structure with little Post-its until the plots all fit together. We’ll see how well this effort turns out

So as you can see, I’ve got no story to tell. I’m going to hang out over on /r/writingprompts – see if I see something that inspires me.

Write on!

PS – I did end up writing a small piece of microfiction – see what you think