Mesh and Other Updates

Time to tell you about Mesh and some other updates in the journey of Inkican. I received a metric ton of feedback on Mesh from a friend who also happens to be a bestselling author. I’m incredibly grateful for this generous contribution to Mesh, as she told me everything I needed to hear about the story I wanted to tell. The most important thing she told me: Mesh is not ready. She deconstructed what was wrong, showed me how to make it right, and sent me on my way. I’ll never forget her for that.

Other things happened, life stuff, and I’ll be putting that into Part 4 of the Glass House Life series, something I’ve started doing for myself and other creative people. Creativity becomes a way to expose, unpack, confront, and slay your own personal dragons. I wish sometimes that it was easier, but this is the only thing I know that works for me.

Bottom line? Back to work. Mesh isn’t ready, but now I know which direction to push in. Much love and gratitude to you all.