Don’t Shake Your Head Over Too Many ‘Headshakes’

OMG, this is awesome. I found another free resource that I want to pass along to you. If you’re like me, sometimes you get stuck using an idiom too often. For me, I keep using the phrase ‘shake his head’ in this draft of Mesh. I started looking around, has anyone solved this problem yet? Kathy Steinemann, I found out, graciously provided a list of 200 ways to say ‘shake their head.’ If you’re running into a problem like this, don’t shake your head over too many ‘headshakes!’ Kathy has you covered:

200 Ways to Say “Shake the Head”
Authors help authors. Kathy was kind enough to help me, and I want to make sure I follow her kind example. Go forth, and write! 🙂

PS – Kathy’s website is a little spotty. If the link doesn’t work, you can get to it via the Wayback Machine on