Sci-Friday #83 – How Big Is Your Spaceship?

I love this video and you will, too. Ever wondered ‘how big is your spaceship?’ Ever looked at the Millennium Falcon and wondered ‘How big is that compared to the Serenity?’ You can answer those questions with this simple 3D comparison of every spaceship ever.

This comparison does something unique in that it compares both real and fictional spaceships against a mock-up of New York to give you some perspective. I never knew, for example, that the Executor in Star Wars was the size of Manhattan. Whoa!

Start out with the Tardis and then you move up to the actual ISS. Then you get into size comparisons between No Man’s Sky, Ratchet and Clank, and Battlestar Galactica.  Neato!

The creators of this video included everything – even the space ship in Passengers, which most people would have discounted because the movie wasn’t that popular. Not this time. We’re looking at everything, from the ship in Arrival to the Mass Effect ships to Atlantis in Stargate. I’m blown away that they included the Titan from Titan A.E. and Spaceball I! My only beef – if you can call it that – is that they skipped over the USS Cygnus from The Black Hole. Otherwise, very happy. This is wicked!

Sit back and enjoy. You’ll never have to ask ‘How Big is Your Spaceship?’ again. These guys answered the question, so you don’t have to. Happy Friday!

Sci-Friday #82 – Solarpunk Isn’t Fiction – Fun Scifi Stuff

I’m going to post an update about MESH in a few, but first let’s get to Sci-Friday! Interested in solarpunk? Take a daytrip to a fully-functioning city where the principals of solarpunk are brought to life. Sustainable City in Dubai has 3500 residents and is climbing. Videos like these prove that Solarpunk isn’t fiction; in fact, it’s a cool scifi area worth exploring.

Hold on, you say. What is solarpunk again? According to Wikipedia, Solarpunk is ‘Solarpunk focuses on renewable energies, such as solar and wind power, as well as technology as a whole, to envision a positive future for humanity.’

I’ve yet to see anyone really embrace Solarpunk in a story or movie, but I’m still excited about it for a variety of reasons. One, it’s the polar opposite of cyberpunk and dystopian scifi. Two, it’s less ‘woo’ than Technogaianism.

As a scifi topic, solarpunk isn’t fiction! It only needs a few changes to become real! We can have a cool future if we want to, and projects like Sustainable City are a step toward that possibility.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!