Gandalf Sax Cat!

This is totally dumb, but funny. Someone posted a video of a sneezing cat and it syncs up perfectly with the Gandalf Sax video. So, with the magic of Adobe Premiere, I made sure you can now enjoy:

Don’t forget to take your Claritin.


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“The only truth is music.”

I took the title of this post from a Jack Kerouac quote. He’s absolutely right, sometimes only a song can really explain how you really feel. I’ve spent my life searching for that truth, and writing Mesh is part of that journey.

With that in mind, I started thinking about music and how it’s an integral part of this novel. People should be able to hear what I listen to when I write, or use music to take them into the universe of Mesh. That took me onto the Internet to research how I could share music with other people and of course, Spotify.

So … I’m happy to announce the following new page which you can access below, or via the widget page (->). I’ll be adding and updating this page over time, as we discover new areas of Mesh and music that helps make it live and breathe.

Check Out the Music of Inkican

In the meantime, Mesh feedback is still floating in. Can’t wait to see what you think of it! 🙂

Here’s Something Fun … Yelp the Mars Curiosity Rover!

Have you enjoyed watching the exploration of Mars via the Internet? Have you wished to share your opinion about the Mars missions with others? Well, now you can because for a limited time you can post a review of your Mars Curiosity rover experience … on Yelp!

Post Your Curiosity Rover Review on Yelp

Give the rover five stars … it makes NASA happy. Act fast, before Yelp takes this down.

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