Published: New Scifi Short Story – Call of the Void

Proud to say that I’ve published a new scifi short story, ‘Call of the Void’ to my book platforms on Amazon, B&N, and Apple books. What is ‘Call of the Void’ about? Read the description below the cover:

Published: New Scifi Short Story - Call of the Void

“I picked up his trail at the edge of a crater.

Over my shoulder, three moons dangled in the reddish-purple sky. Faint starlight outlined the junky little craft I use for rescue trips. My spacecraft has no frills, no creature comforts: just two seats and basic life support. With luck, that’s all I’ll need to save this kid’s life.

The control surfaces on this spacesuit sucked. I could feel worn plastic and clunky attenuators when I put it on. The third-class air filtration smelled like farts and dirty sweat socks. If I had time, I’d trade with the locals to buy better gear, but I don’t. We’re on the clock. The kid’s been here for weeks. If I don’t get him out in the next few hours, he’s not coming back at all.”

Ryan is a kid with a past. In order to find his future, he has to help someone else find theirs. What will he find out there on an uncharted moon: ruin, remorse, or … redemption? He better find out fast, because time is running out.

There’s more to this story, too. I started working on a version of this short story a few years ago and I kept coming back to it because I wanted to make sure I was telling the right story in the right way. Ryan, the protagonist, has a lot of guilt over his attempted suicide. How does he get past that? The answer for him is easy, but also hard. Ryan helps other lost kids, but he has to go out there to get them. That search, feeling the call of the void and choosing to come home, brings Ryan closer to finding himself.

So this short story is both a lot of fun, and very persona. I think you’ll enjoy it and I can’t wait to see what you think of it! Click the links below to pick up Call of the Void from your favorite bookstore.

Believing In Yourself: Call of the Void - Free Scifi eBook Apple  Barnes & Noble  Kobo  Thalia  Angus & Robertson

Or, if you’re looking for a free way to get it, click here.

On to the next project – more releases coming soon!

My SF Novel – Project Arecibo – In Progress

My SF Novel - Project Arecibo - In ProgressI’m happy to say the following: My SF novel – Project Arecibo – Now in progress. As most authors will tell you, you’re usually working on one novel, editing another, and promoting a third.

Where did I come up with the idea? The genesis of the story came from a random #MSWL tweet. An agent expressed interest in a story about the now-collapsed radio telescope:

The question was, why would teen explorers be looking at the bottom of a telescope? What would they find there? Answering those questions led to more questions. I took a bit of time to write out a synopsis as part of a mind-clearing end-of-the-year exercise. So while we wait to see what happens with Mesh, we’re hitting the gas on the next chunk of work.

Arecibo celebrates many different aspects of geek and nerd culture. One piece, for example, is about celebrating women technology pioneers like Grace Hopper. Another part is about SETI and outer space. When I’m done, the novel will be about telling a 21st Century ‘buried treasure’ story with its roots in outer space. Don’t worry if it that doesn’t make sense now, it will later on.


Today’s Word Count: 1100

Short Story Board Updated – Four Scifi Shorts Submitted

If you check out the short story production board, you’ll notice it’s been updated with four scifi shorts submitted for publication today. Deathclock Machine, The Conquered, the Necktie Party, and Last Message from Titan Six are all on their way to new editors. I’ll keep you posted on what happens next.

Grinding submissions is part of the life, so I save it for chilly, wet Wednesday mornings. It’s the kind of work do when it’s cold and dark outside, with a cat and a hot cup of java nearby. Hope your week is comfortable and fulfilling, too.

Grinding Short Stories

If you visit the Story Story Production Board, you’ll see a number of new submissions going out – that’s a sign I’m keeping busy by re-writing and re-subbing short stories that didn’t get published elsewhere. If I want to get into the SFWA, I need one (but preferably three) stories to be purchased for my membership to be considered. So, that’s me trying. Hope your weekend is busy, too!

New Draft of Mesh Done

Just a quick note – I’ve been re-drafting Mesh for a couple of weeks now. Pleased to say it’s about 90% done and out to Beta readers to catch their feedback while I finish it out. I’ve already had one random lit agent express interest, so my hope is to have a final draft in her hands in a week or so.

Thanks for being a part of this journey. Write on!

Mesh and the Big Book Deal Adventure – Part Two


Mesh and the Big Book Deal Adventure – Part TwoGood news, everyone! I have an update on the ‘Big Book Deal Adventure’ I started for Mesh a couple of months ago – some good news to share. Actually, strike that – this isn’t good news, it’s GREAT news for the writer game. Here’s what’s going on:

So the mission has always been to write a novel, find an agent, and get a book deal. In professional terms, it’s the difference between getting hired by a large company versus being an independent contractor. There are pluses and minuses either way, but I decided a long time ago that I’d rather go the professional route and get a book deal. Here’s the next installment of the story:

Our hero, Jackson, was rejected by many, many book agents. Like many other authors, he knew that this was part of the process. Jackson knew he must keep pushing forward, even though it felt like he was pushing cold, wet laundry up a mountain.

As Part One told you, he got what he thought was good news: a lit agent team at a prestigious book agency expressed interest in Mesh. Hooray! Could this be the moment when Mesh finally sees the light of day? No! Due to circumstances beyond almost everyone’s control, the agency imploded in a social media scandal. Agents resigned from the agency in protest, meaning all potential deals were null and void.

Then, the most amazing thing happened: the lit agent team, having gone their separate ways, ended up at a variety of other literary agencies. The person who responsible for recommending Mesh to a lit agent was now a lit agent themselves! More than that, she never forgot MESH and encouraged Jackson to resubmit Mesh for consideration. Then, after many weeks, Jackson received the following email:

Dear Jackson,

I’m digging your submission of MESH and would like to request the full if it’s still available. Please follow the instructions below.

Can’t wait to start to reading!

Huzzah! MESH takes another step forward toward the book deal!

It’s wonderful to see Mesh move forward to the next step of acceptance at a major lit agency in Manhattan. But let’s put this in context: in professional terms it means a recruiter likes your resume, and thinks they may be able to help you get a job. Anyone who’s ever looked for a job will tell you – recruiters who like you are great, but that’s no guarantee of success. The end of the road is when you get a new job, or sign a book deal. Our hero can’t afford to get too comfortable yet.

But it’s still great news, and I’ll post another piece of great news later today!


#StuckInsideStory – Free Stories While You #QuarentineLife

Quick joke – today, #QuarentineLife is trending on Twitter. Not #Quarantinelife, #QuarentineLife. Let that sink in. I have good news, though. Through Saturday, I’m giving away free e-copies of ‘The Battle of Victoria Crater,’ a gritty scifi western about greedy landowners, desperate settlers and a lone gunman … on Mars.

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Hope you enjoy it, if anything it will help you as you get through your #QuarentineLife, or your #QuarantineLife. Whatever floats your boat.