Project 2019 … ?

I wouldn’t call myself a producer or a showman. I’m just in the business of taking ideas that excite me and seeing what happens to them. For example Bob Ross was a painter the moment he bought a canvas, an easel and some paint and started creating. But he didn’t become the Bob Ross until he took his love of painting and created the whole Joy of Painting series.

That’s kind of where I’m at right now. I’m trying to figure out how to be my own Bob Ross. Not sure how to get there, just trying to develop different ideas and see where they take me. One of those ideas popped into my head this morning. I’m pretty excited for Blade Runner: 2049 to come out, so I was watching Blade Runner in 1080p and it is beautiful.

It’s been a while since I watched it end-to-end, but when I saw the “Los Angeles November, 2019” slide, it occurred to me that you could make a pretty funny crowd-sourced video in two years. It’d be pretty easy – put together a montage of video clips of LA with the original Vangelis soundtrack over the top. The juxtaposition of Vangelis and those Anaheim homeless camps would be fun.

Someone might think I’m making fun of people who don’t get the joke. Not really. I’m envisioning a Conan O’Brien-esque bit where you walk around LA using the lines from the original ’79 movie on people and filming their reaction. Might be funny, might be worth putting together. Doesn’t have to be something you need a Kickstarter for. Not sure if I can get people excited enough to participate in it.

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