Everybody Starts Somewhere and Other Notes

Hello sports fans …

Some quick notes while I take a break from being a writer to get over this bug I came down with. Re-watching Season One of Stranger Things in preparation for the next season that releases in a couple of days. I know I’ve talked about it before, but really … I’m filled with professional and creative jealousy when I watch this show. It’d be the highlight of my life to write something as good as what the Duffer Brothers came up with.

Go See Blade Runner 2049 While You Can

Blade Runner 2049 is being called a ‘disappointment’ for not making more money than it should have. I have my thoughts on why it doesn’t matter, but so does everyone else. Let’s not discuss or waste time. This is simply a movie you need to see in the theater. So go do it, while you can.

Last Point

Someone on Reddit just posted this and I love it. In 1984, Steven Soderbergh submitted a tape to Lucasfilm, showcasing an idea he had for a project.

Now, in the world of ‘Behind the Music’ and other biopics, this is supposed to represent a kismet moment. The moment that the Director of ‘Oceans Eleven’ meets the makers of ‘Star Wars.’ Music swells. The Journey Begins. Honestly, how cool would that be?

Yet for all of that coolness, the reality is much more ironic. Lucasfilm rejected Soderbergh out of hand, and this rejection letter is the proof. I’m showing you this, not to judge, but to say that ‘everyone starts somewhere.’ Before Steven Soderberg was THE Steven Soderbergh he was a guy living in a crappy apartment two blocks from the LSU campus and light-years away from the bright lights of Hollywood. He was a nobody, just like you and me.

Don’t fear being rejected. Don’t fear being unknown. Everyone starts somewhere. Just like you and me.


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