About Me – Jackson Allen – Scifi Author

About Me

I’m Jackson Allen and I’m an author of scifi stories. In 2016, I rebooted my life by making three promises to myself:

  • I was going to live my best life as someone creates, fosters, and shares the selfless parts of me – my own personal version of effective altruism
  • I will use my talent – telling Golden Age Sci-Fi stories – as both art and commerce: I want to be a professional writer!
  • Wherever it’s good and prudent, I will use the success of my talent to serve others

These principles guide me on a journey away from being a broken person to a place where I can help heal and support others on their adventures. Because I’m healing, I’m also a private person. Like Harper Lee, J.D. Salinger, Bill Watterson and other private creators, I already know that being famous isn’t for me.

About The Stories I Tell

photo-1457364887197-9150188c107bAs a storyteller, my process is always evolving and my storytelling has principles of its own:

  • Be kind
  • Respect the reader by telling stories with integrity and authenticity
  • Create dual-control universes where my readers’ imagination can play as much as mine does

Why ‘Golden Age’ Scifi?

Good question! Twenty years of Star Wars, Marvel, and Transformers have left me utterly disillusioned with what people call ‘scifi.’ At the same time, modern head-bending scifi tends to be graphic, and violent. That doesn’t sit well with me. In times past, science fiction was both a window, and a lifeline to otherwise hopeless kids. What kind of future are we helping kids dream of when we reduce science fiction to ‘magic punching people?’

The answer seems to be Golden Age scifi, those stories that bridged the gap between what is, and what can be, in a format that any age can enjoy. I love ‘Golden Age’ science fiction, so celebrate that with my stories. I’ll add to this as I go along. I’d love to be able to tell you the whole plan now, but I’m still figuring it out, myself! 🙂

Housekeeping Notes

About Me - Jackson Allen - Scifi AuthorOne of the outcomes of my life is a severe anxiety disorder. Like millions of others, I live with a disabling mental condition that limits the interaction I can have with other people. I‘ve recently given a few more details, but please be assured that this a real problem that I deal with every day.

Because of my disability, I struggle with human interaction. This blog post helps explain what I’m dealing with. This one goes into some other detail.

Thanks for reading – grab a free ebook while you’re here.