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… Me

I’m Jackson Allen and I’m an author of scifi stories. Here’s a quick story on how I got here.

First thing, Jackson isn’t my real name. About Me - Jackson Allen - Scifi AuthorWhen I was young, I was a child actor in Hollywood. You might even know some of the films, commercials and TV shows I’ve been in. Sadly, it wasn’t a very happy way to grow up. The stories you read about child actors being abused – physically, emotionally, and mentally – are true. I came away from that life with a lot of scars and baggage.

Later in life, I made a number of bad choices with alcohol and substance abuse. Weird to go from the Hollywood lifestyle to six-foot cells and homelessness, but those are the breaks. It took a long time to pull myself out of the wreckage and start building my life again.

… The Stories I Tell

photo-1457364887197-9150188c107bAs a storyteller, my process is always evolving. However, there are some guiding principles I work with that are more or less constant:

– Be kind

– Tell stories that are safe for any audience

– Respect the reader by telling stories with integrity and authenticity

I love science fiction, so I tell science fiction stories. However, to keep things simple, I’ll be telling ‘young adult sci-fi’ stories, and my hope is that people of every age enjoys reading them. I’ll add to this as I go along. I’d love to be able to tell you the whole plan now, but I’m still figuring it out, myself! 🙂

Housekeeping Notes

About Me - Jackson Allen - Scifi AuthorOne of the outcomes of my life is a severe anxiety disorder. Like millions of others, I live with a disabling mental condition that limits the interaction I can have with other people. I‘ve recently given a few more details, but please be assured that this a real problem that I deal with every day.

Because of my disability, I struggle with human interaction. This blog post helps explain what I’m dealing with. This one goes into some other detail.

Thanks for reading – grab a free ebook while you’re here.


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