Why We Need Sci-Fi – Reality Is Overrated


I know watching the news is its own form of torture but last night was … wow. Hard to contemplate that this is where we are as a civilization in 2018.

When I first created the tagline ‘Because you need a break from reality,’ I never imagined how right I was going to be. I need a break from reality. You probably do, too. It’s terrifying. It’s soul-crushing. It’s just … wow.

That’s when I started writing again. Started typing right here at the keyboard. Turn off the TV. Turn off Reddit. Get back to work.

Reality can be very dark and depressing sometimes. For a person with my personal issues, it actually puts me back as far as recovery and progress. So I have to turn it off. I have to get back to imagination … it’s the only weapon in the war against reality, as the Cheshire Cat said.

Where our world isn’t what it should be, we can fight back. We can imagine what it should be. That’s the first step toward making it so. Science fiction fills that niche for me. It’s not just about pure fantasy, it’s about a place we can get to.

Dare to dream. Dare to imagine. Dare to create.┬áThat’s what I’m doing right now. I hope you’re able to do the same.