What is Geekquinox?

photo-1467106015942-a0ea2960655aYou might have read the earlier post and asked yourself – “What’s ‘geekquinox,’ anyway?” Good question. Long and short of it is that I’m trying to put all of the blog posts I plan to do in neat and tidy boxes. I want to tell stories and talk about other relevant topics. Sometimes I have announcements, or maybe I’ll have thoughts about writing. Other times I’ll talk about geeky topics from my perspective. InkICan isn’t going to become ‘the place to discover all things geek.’ After all …

There  are  plenty  of  websites  that  do  that  now.

I don’t want to talk about geek from that perspective. I’d rather talk about the Way of Geek, the Principle of Geek. Geek as a manner of being, not as a manner of buying. I thought about all that and then I thought about what to call these posts. I found a word on Urban Dictionary that helped define what I wanted to accomplish:


when a geek does something great, and they pass into the realm of coolness

I saw that and thought ‘bingo.’ So the times I post about geeky topics, that’s the perspective I’m coming from. Yes, there are other ‘geekquinoxes’ out there and I celebrate them all. If the name of this category becomes too much of a distraction, we’ll find a better name to use.

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