Tina – New Mesh Character Concept Art

I’m really happy with how fast this came together. Please enjoy this piece of character concept art for Mesh. One of the main supporting characters of the novel is a fifteen year-old teen named Tina. Enjoy the Here’s a brief description:

Pretty, Roman thought. Not like… like Konani, but still. Zeke elbowed Roman and mouthed the word cute. She had a studious face framed by ash-blond hair that spilled over an oversize flannel shirt. Puka-shell necklace above her Miramar High t-shirt. Tina measured them with a crisp, searching look while spinning a pen around chipped aqua nails.

This piece represents a decent step forward in my efforts to not suck as an artist. I was able to use lines, lighting and some new paint brushes to make this piece come together and I’m really happy with how it turned out. Click the picture for a wallpaper-sized version. Enjoy!