This Week Only: The Rocket – Free Scifi Short Story

Hi sci-fi fans … happy Thursday and another free short story for your to-be-read pile. For a limited time only, The Rocket is a free scifi short story available on Imgur. When I wrote it in 2019, I had no idea I was predicting the tragedy of anti-vaxxers and COVIDiots. As we approach the Singularity of Stupid, it’s important to reflect on where all of this ignorance and polarization leads us. What happens when living means losing? How do you let go of your past to save your future?

People really like The Rocket –┬áHere are some of the comments so far:

“Holy ****, thats a great story ! I did not expect that twist near the end!”

“both timely and classic (has a very “Golden Age” feel to it)”

“Love it! I sense a hint of ray Bradbury in this. I’ll be buying a copy”

Other people have thought about this scenario, too. JPL, for example, does a mock-asteroid exercise from time to time. I’m still thinking about this scenario, but I imagine a difference outcome in Cinderellavator. Sharing my books for a limited time seems to working out well for me so I’ll keep doing it from time to time. I hope you enjoy The Rocket, this free scifi short story, as much as they do.

Click Here to Read The Rocket through Sunday, 11/14 on Imgur