This is Why We Struggle

This video got me thinking today, and it’s the perfect answer to the question: “Why are you doing this?” Why am I writing a novel? Why am I trying to be a professional storyteller? Why am I trying to grow beyond my personal problems? I know I’m not the only person asking these questions of themselves, so to you who are also struggling I’d like to give you this video. This is why we struggle:

This video makes me appreciate Ewan McGregor far beyond anything he’s done with Star Wars. You can watch the rest of the documentary here. Because he was willing to continue his project, to persevere, he was able to find a little girl that would eventually become his adopted daughter. He had no idea that his struggle would lead him to change her life, but it did. That’s a beautiful lesson for all of us.

We’re all facing the same questions, the same tests of our courage and our commitment. Sometimes we reach those forks in the road and we force ourselves to struggle on. We do that for the same reason McGregor did: we don’t know what’s down there. If we give up, we’ll go to our grave wondering what might have been.

It’s important to remember that those hard choices can open doors we never dreamed of walking through. We struggle because we don’t know what’s out there. We fight to make our dreams come true, because another person may need what you’re dreaming of.

I’m struggling, too. Making MESH a reality is path I trudge forward on every day. To you, out there struggling to make your dream come true: You aren’t alone. Keep going. Someone needs you to succeed, even if it’s only yourself.