Thank You, Hailey for This New Free Author Tool!

Quick shoutout to Hailey and the Centerline Arts Group, thank you for this new free author tool! Got a very nice email yesterday from Bianca and the Centerline Arts Group, who wanted to tell me how much they enjoyed the Free Author Tools page. “Our group still can’t meet in person because of the pandemic so we’ve been meeting virtually to write & critique each other’s work,” Bianca says. “Your site gave us some fun material to reference so we wanted to share a personal thank you :). I asked the gang if they had any questions or favorites to share. One of our young writers Hailey sent us this article on maintaining good posture while writing and how to prevent writer’s cramps/pains … She thought you would like it too.”

I’m always on the look out for new free author tools to share, so I took a quick look. Turns out, this is an *EXCELLENT* resource for protecting your hands and fingers while composing your stories. As a result, I’m happy to pass along A Writer’s Guide To Healthy Wrists And Hands!

Always makes me feel warm and fuzzy to know that the Free Author tools can help other writers. I took a look and Hailey’s suggestion was spot-on! So glad she thought of it, it shows the power of authors helping authors. Now Hailey and the Centerline Arts Group join the community of Inkican, where creative people can lift each other up. Thank you Hailey and Bianca for for this new free author tool!