Chadwick Boseman and Other Sunday Night Author Notes

Okay, I give up. I usually spend Sunday night zoned out in front of the TV because I don’t want to think about Monday morning. Too much happened this weekend, and I don’t want to sink into a depression over the loss of Chadwick Boseman or other life stuff. Let’s make the time productive. Here are some notes and a quick update on the ‘Jackson is trying to be an author’ story in progress. Here we go:

RIP Chadwick Boseman

Chadwick Boseman and Other Sunday Night Author Notes

The ‘Black Panther’ actor died at the age of 43 after a four year battle with colon cancer. People are checking in from all over the world, talking about what Black Panther meant to them, and Boseman’s portrayal. Although with us for a relatively short time, Boseman’s body of work is remarkable. He was brilliant as both Jackie Robinson (in 2013’s “42”) and James Brown (in 2014’s “Get on Up”). I’m not a huge Marvel fan but there’s no denying the impact Chadwick Boseman had on the world of superhero stories. Clearly, he was more than a good actor, he was a great person. The world is a little more dim, having lost such a powerful light. Good night, sweet prince.

Technical Notes on the Website

I spent a little time this week working on the SEO of and I didn’t see any change in the analytics of the website. I’m not too worried about it; SEO isn’t everything. If I’m going to be an expert at something, let it be storytelling and not website development.

Other Good Publishing News

I was busy adulting on Friday, so I skipped my promised ‘big update’ about my publishing. Here’s what is going on: I submitted ‘The Necktie Party’ to an SFWA-affiliated scifi magazine and received the following email last week:

Dear Jackson,

Thank you for submitting “The Necktie Party” to Apex Magazine. One of our first readers has read your story and believes it deserves a closer look. We would like to hold it for further consideration. Good luck!

Happy squeals all around – The Necktie Party has passed the first round of review by a scifi ‘zine and is that much closer to publication. Up until now, it’s been rejection and self-publication, but Apex Magazine may change all of that.

So there you go, my Sunday Night Author Notes. Yes, SEO plugin – I know this blog post has not been optimized for SEO. Deal with it.