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Looking for a short story for kids? You found the right place. I’ve created this page especially for parents looking for age-appropriate, interesting science fiction that they can share with their children. Taking a page from some great people like Jim Henson, Bob Ross, and Brad Bird, I write compelling science fiction stories encourage readers to let their minds go, experiment, and try new things. This scifi short story in particular is one that kids will relate to. Ryan’s a regular kid, in an amazing situation. You’ll be rooting for him, and your favorite young reader will, too.

  Short Story for Kids Call of the Void

“I picked up his trail at the edge of a crater. Over my shoulder, three moons dangled in the reddish-purple sky. Faint starlight outlined the junky little craft I use for rescue trips. My spacecraft has no frills, no creature comforts: just two seats and basic life support. With luck, that’s all I’ll need to save this kid’s life. The control surfaces on this spacesuit sucked. I could feel worn plastic and clunky attenuators when I put it on. The third-class air filtration smelled like farts and dirty sweat socks. If I had time, I’d trade with the locals to buy better gear, but I don’t. We’re on the clock. The kid’s been here for weeks. If I don’t get him out in the next few hours, he’s not coming back at all.”

Ryan is a kid with a past. In order to find his future, he has to help someone else find theirs. What will he find out there on an uncharted moon: ruin, remorse, or … redemption? He better find out fast, because time is running out.

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Parents Guide

Call of the Void is rated E 10+, meaning it’s for anyone ten and older. As a Golden Age, noir-style scifi story, there are serious themes of self-harm and kids in danger, but contains no foul language, sex, or drug use.

Quick Note About Me

I’m a regular guy living in the Pacific Northwest with two cats and a dream to tell good scifi stories. My evil plan is to use the sales from these short stories to qualify to join the SFWA (The Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America). Inkican is how I write stories that help me believe in myself. My stories help others believe in themselves, too. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy Call of the Void.

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