SciFi Sidebar – They Discovered Supertrain!

My post about this is currently blowing up on Imgur. They discovered the original Supertrain model in a chicken coop … one of the biggest sci-fi flops of all time.

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Supertrain has a colorful history, which you can read about here. Coinopwarehouse – the antique store that discovered it, has more:

While picking arcade machines out of an old chicken house, we came across the actual train from the 1979 Television show “Supertrain”. The cost for NBC was over $250,000 to build as it was all by hand and very detailed. The show almost put NBC into bankruptcy as the ratings were so terrible and the star of the show was this train essentially. Great piece of television history that belongs in a museum or a collection where it can be seen again!

Check out the post, and then check out the cringe-worthy series premiere. I dare you to sit out the entire 90-minute episode.

Credit goes to Coinopwarehouse. Congrats on this awesome find!

Sometimes sci-fi blasts off … and sometimes it derails. Supertrain is a lesson-learned for all of us creators. Just because it’s science fiction doesn’t mean it’s good.

RIP Supertrain