SciFi Needs an Ashleigh Banfield

Whoa …

I stay out of the Breaking News section of the paper, preferring to focus on sci-fi and my personal work. At the same time, can’t ignore what’s happening within various social movements like #MeToo. It’s leading to some very positive change, and it makes me think about what that could do for the scifi community and genre. More notes below the video:

One of the reasons I think #MeToo will ultimately be successful as a social movement is because it’s trying to be self-regulating. As with other efforts to change, they contain the seeds of their own destruction if internal members aren’t holding each other personally accountable to be better people.

So, why not scifi? What’s wrong with calling out the bad actors when we see them? Yes, it takes a certain amount of bravery and willingness to take risk, but that’s what our heroes do! Isn’t it time for us to do the same?