Sci-Friday #49 – 75 Words You Need to Know

Just like the Reader’s Digest, I think it it pays to increase your word power. Question is, how do you do it for science fiction, specifically? I ran across this list and decided to pass it along for Sci-Friday #49. Here are the first eleven:

  1. Alderson disk (n.)
  2. arcology (n.)
  3. areography (n.)
  4. astrogate (v.)
  5. avatar (n.)
  6. Bernal sphere (n.)
  7. chrononaut (n.)
  8. Clarke ring (n.)
  9. Clarke’s First Law (n.)
  10. Clarke’s Second Law (n.)
  11. Clarke’s Third Law (n.)

Sound good so far? Keep reading, and gain:

75 words every sci-fi fan should know