Sci-Friday #133 – Getting to Solarpunk – Future Architecture

Sci-Friday #133 - Getting to Solarpunk - Future Architecture

If you’re into solarpunk, you’ll want to watch this fascinating TED talk. Bjarke Ingel is using solarpunk and future architecture to show us how we’ll get to the beautiful future we’re dreaming about. Whether consciously, or unconsciously, Ingel encapsulates solarpunk concepts in this tour of his team’s projects. First, look at a waste-to-energy power plant that doubles as an alpine ski slope, and then check out the LEGO Home of the Brick in Denmark. Finally, look at the floating, sustainable cities adapted to climate change:

Yes. Y-E.S. YES! Can’t tell you how many times I’ve longed for discussions about simple, rational design without all the weird virtue signaling of other green tech presentations. But wait, it gets better. Check out Ingel’s projects on his website. Binge-read about the MANY DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS he’s looking into for ideas about the future; from Mars to seabed mining. Absolutely brilliant and I’m here for all of it.

So much coolness to explore when it comes to solarpunk and future architecture: take advantage of it! After you’re done with Ingel’s website, please feel welcomed to dive down the rabbit hole of every other Sci-Friday I’ve published in the past couple years. Have a great weekend.