Sci-Friday #118 – Princess Bride Reaction GIFs

Now, for this Sci-Friday, please enjoy a collection of Princess Bride Reaction GIFs for your social media/email/texting pleasure. As a fantasy movie, The Princess Bride is one of those beautiful ‘blurred lines’ movies that contains many things to enjoy: the sword fights, the dialogue, the drama, and the comedy. I’ll talk more about ‘blurred lines’ movies later, but this is something I think a lot about while working on novels like Mesh.

Enough talk, it’s time to dig into these Princess Bride Reaction GIFs. Have fun!

Princes bride post.

In fact, here are some fun facts about The Princess Bride you may have forgotten:

  • In order to create the Greatest Swordfight in Modern Times, Cary Elwes and Mandy Patinkin trained for months with Peter Diamond and Bob Anderson (who also choreographed Star Wars). Every spare moment on set was spent practicing. Eventually, when they showed Rob Reiner the swordfight for the movie, he was underwhelmed and requested that it be at least three minutes long rather than the current one minute. They added steps to the set, watched more swashbuckling movies for inspiration, re-choreographed the scene, and ended up with a three minute and 10 second fight which took the better part of a week to film from all angles.
  • William Goldman came up with the title of the novel based on what his daughters requested in terms of ideas for his next novel, one suggested he write his next book about a princess while the other suggested a book about a bride. He then coined the title “The Princess Bride” for the novel.
  • The video baseball game the Grandson is playing during the first scene is “Hardball” produced by Accolade, Inc., in 1985. It was widely available in the mid-1980s for the Commodore 64 computer system. It was a one or two-player game. The sound was not from the actual game, but later added.
  • The film tested better than every other movie of that year other than Back to the Future (1985). Consequently, there seems to be some bitterness on William Goldman’s part that it didn’t make more money. He blames the studio for not knowing how to sell it.

Will we ever see another Reaction Gif collection this good? Inconceivable! You can, however, dive down the rabbit hole of every other Sci-Friday I’ve published in the past couple years.

Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend! 🙂