Sci-Friday #109 – Quick Fun Story – Cool Scifi Stuff

Quick Fun Story Cool Scifi Stuff

Hooray, happy Friday! No videos or pictures today, this Sci-Friday is a quick fun story, some cool scifi stuff I started in response to a Writing Prompt on Reddit this week. Here’s the prompt: “You’re not here to invade us or do horrible experiments on us, are you?” Asked the human. “What? No, of course not.” Replied the alien. “We’re here on vacation and could really use a local tour guide.”

Say no more! I started work on a new story, and here’s part of the first part for your Sci-Friday joy!

“Oh, okay.” I looked at my new captor / hosts. Green, gelatinous beings the size of a refrigerator with clawed tentacles. One of them is translating, while the others stared at me through single eyeballs. Not the kind of people, if you could call them people, you want to disappoint. “What would you like to see first?”

“Well start us off with a general overview. What do humans enjoy doing most? Where could we see them in their natural habitat?”

“Good question. Do you know what Wal-Mart is?”

“A Wall … Marht?” The head honcho spoke briefly in Alienese to his companions. I caught the word ‘Wal-Mart’ in all of its gobbledygook. “We’re interested in this Wal-Mart. Please take us there.”

“Well first, you couldn’t go inside. People would freak out. Some of them have guns.”

“Guns? Pellet cannons? Fah!” The alien hoisted a small device from an unseen hiding spot in a fold of skin. “No match for our defense technology.”

“Looks like a credit card,” I said. “That’s not very dangerous.”

“No, but this is,” the alien pressed a button and a large, quadruped robot leaped from the ceiling.

“Oh God, please!” I screamed as the robot slammed me into the ship’s deck. Sharp fans and laser cannon all pointed at me, ready to blast me into cinders.

“Down, Rusty!” the alien commanded the robot, which instantly sank into a rest posture. “You see? We’re completely safe anywhere we travel on your primitive world.”

“They’d still freak out. I thought you wanted to see humans in their natural habitat.”

“Already taken care of.” Another press of the tiny device and a screen of nanotech holographs swept around the individual alien beings. In seconds, the insect-sized devices created a visual screen of human camouflage. “You see? They’ll never know we were there. Quickly, to this Wall-Marht! I can’t wait to get some pictures to show our friends back home.”

Hope you enjoy the ‘Alien Tour Guide’ story. I might finish developing it into a follow-up for ‘Planet Ugh.’

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Happy Friday –

Photo by Brooke Denevan on Unsplash