Sci-Friday #103 – ZORG Industries ZF1 from ‘The Fifth Element’

Ever look at a scifi ray gun and wish you could have one? You aren’t the only one. For this Sci-Friday, enjoy a real-life ZORG Industries ZF1 from ‘The Fifth Element.’ According to the builder, he’d been working on the software and hardware for over a year. Now it’s finally ready to show off!

‘The Fifth Element’ ZORG Industries ZF1 – Fully animated movie replica kit

Keep watching past the original picture – he includes a walkthrough of how he put everything together. Really comprehensive if you’re into making scifi cosplay or collectibles. Everyone experiences scifi in their own way, and this guy is at the top of his game.


I released some new memes from ‘Real Genius’ this week to Imgur. RG is one of those classic cult 80s movies that provided some of the inspiration for Mesh. Hope you enjoy these, too:

Real Genius Memes

This ZORG Industries ZF1 from ‘The Fifth Element’ validates what I’ve said before: Makers are gonna make, no matter what. That’s what I was channeling when I made those memes and I hope this inspires you to keep on making whatever makes you happy! Have a great weekend!