Sci-Friday #103 – Star Wars Art – Fun Scifi Stuff

Remember in The Mandalorian where they rocked a stolen AT-ST on planet Sorgan? Did you wonder to yourself – “I wonder what it looks like inside?” This guy did, and for Sci-Friday, we celebrate Max Degtyarev’s detailed cross-section Star Wars art of what it looks like inside the captured Empire scout tank.

Mandalorian fanart: Raiders’ AT-ST cross-section (Max Degtyarev)

As Star Wars art goes, this is top-notch. He gets the details right, even down to expression on the alien faces and the squashed frogs under the tread of an AT-ST’s bipedal foot. Always a joy when someone can get their ideas out of their head and onto the paper. That’s the very embodiment of Geekquinox and other key pieces of the Inkican tribe. I’m sure you’ll enjoy these pics as much as I did.

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