Sci-fi Short Stories

Sci-fi Short StoriesHere is a listing of all the short stories I have under consideration. You might find it interesting to see how this all works. Read below for a breakdown on the publication / submittal process.

Title Submitted To Date Submitted Status
White Station TBD TBD Production
ForeveRest TBD TBD Production
The Battle of Victoria Crater Strange Horizons

Fantasy & Science Fiction

Medicine Show


11/7/2017 Submitted
Time Travel Intern TBD TBD Production
Silo’ed TBD TBD Production
The Thinkers TBD TBD Production
Body Issues Amazon
10/03/2017 Published
Search and Rescue Amazon
AnalogIntergalactic Medicine


Apex Magazine
6/10/2017 Published
The Superhero Shrink Amazon 3/27/2017 Published
The Superhero
Shrink:Climate Change
Amazon 7/18/2017 Published
Planet Ugh Amazon
Strange Horizons
Apex MagazineClarkesworld
Medicine Show
10/03/2017 Published

The Publication Process

The process is relatively simple, once I think a story is good enough for publication I’ll submit it to magazines/online anthologies that I think will purchase them.

I don’t submit to free online resources and/or smaller publishers for a very important reason (Here’s why). If it doesn’t meet their needs, I’ll try elsewhere. If a story has been through a round-robin of publishers with no success, then I’ll publish it online as a free story for new members of the Inkican Crew.

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