My Scifi Short Story Production Board

Sci-fi Short Stories

Here is a listing of all the scifi short stories I have under consideration. You might find it interesting to see how this all works. You might also enjoy some of my microfiction entries. Read below for a breakdown on the publication / submittal process.

Title Submitted To Date Submitted Status
The Battle of Victoria Crater Amazon

Strange Horizons Fantasy & Science Fiction Intergalactic Medicine Show Clarkesworld Asimov’s

12/4/2017 Published
Body Issues Amazon

Asimov’s Clarkesworld Terraform

10/03/2017 Published
Search and Rescue Amazon

Clarkesworld Analog Intergalactic Medicine Show Asimov’s Apex Magazine

10/03/2017 Published
The Superhero Shrink Amazon 3/27/2017 Published
The Superhero Shrink:Climate Change Amazon 7/18/2017 Published
Planet Ugh Amazon

Strange Horizons Apex Magazine Clarkesworld Intergalactic Medicine Show

10/03/2017 Published
ForeveRest Galaxy’s Edge

Apex Magazine

Strange Horizons



Intergalactic Medicine Show

9/06/2018 Submitted
The Rocket Apex Magazine

Intergalactic Medicine Show



9/22/2018 Submitted
White Station TBD TBD Production
Purgatory TBD TBD Production
Time Travel Wars TBD TBD Production
Quantum State TBD TBD Production
Time Travel Intern TBD TBD Production
Siloed TBD TBD Production
The Thinkers TBD TBD Production

The Publication Process

The process is relatively simple, once I think a story is good enough for publication I’ll submit it to magazines/online anthologies that I think will purchase them.

I don’t submit to free online resources and/or smaller publishers for a very important reason (Here’s why). If it doesn’t meet their needs, I’ll try elsewhere. If a story has been through a round-robin of publishers with no success, then I’ll publish it online as a free story for new members of the Inkican Crew.

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