Notes from the Week or So

A quick bunch of notes from the past week. Personal drama kept me from updating the blog, but I was also head-down on Mesh for reasons I’ll explain:

Mesh feedback arrives in the form of a contest elimination

I entered the book in a couple of competitions on Although Mesh didn’t make it to the final round, it was a semifinalist and that’s pretty awesome. I took the given feedback and updated the draft again. That led to …

New Beta readers pore over the tenth draft of Mesh

Eight teenage/nerdy people are reading this version of Mesh for the first time. I’m excited to see what they think. Meanwhile …

The journey continues

I’ll end this post by sharing this animated short ‘My Body,’ which is a powerful reminder that all of us often fight against seeing the worst in ourselves.


My Body | 2018 from PÔLE 3D on Vimeo.

Free Sci-Fi EBook - Body Issues

That’s more or less what I’m trying to say in Body Issues, the scifi/near-future answer to this ancient problem, which btw is free to read. Best to you and yours.