New Short Submitted – Welcome to Conspiraco

Another scifi short story in the mix – ‘Welcome to Conspiraco’ is a new short submitted for consideration by the different SFWA-recognized scifi magazines. You can track the story’s journey on my Scifi Short Story Production Board.

In the future, utopian society needs fake conspiracies to give the eager adventurers some ‘evil plot’ to thwart in order to keep them from bringing down a wholly benevolent ruler out of a misguided need to be the hero. Conspiraco is the real organization that makes face conspiracies to achieve actual peace in the future. Before the truth can set you free, it might just try to kill you.

I’ll keep you posted on what happens when you submit new short stories. In the meantime, let’s see how ‘Welcome to Conspiraco’ does. Have a great weekend!

Write on!