New Scifi Short: Battle of Victoria Crater

I’m pleased to say that I’ve published another short story. The Battle of Victoria Crater is now available on Amazon or anywhere else you like to buy your favorite books.¬†What’s TBoVC about? Here’s a quick synopsis:

“Martin grows up on the harsh, haunting landscape of Mars dodging bullets, freezing temperatures and hired guns. How can a raw, hard-bitten group of colonists hope to survive against a menacing Earthbound corporation? What will happen if they give up and go home?

A mysterious stranger appears to be the answer to the town’s prayers, but he has a hidden story of his own. His method of fighting will result in a battle for the future of humans on Mars. A fascinating and wholly authentic tale of treachery, and heroism, ‘The Battle of Victoria Crater’ brings the Martian frontier vividly, magnificently to life.”

It’s also available for free to people who join the Inkican Crew, so if you’re into reading great sci-fi for free, this is for you!