New SF Short Story – The Conquered – Old-school Scifi

I’m so excited to share this with you. The Conquered, is now available online at Amazon and your other favorite bookstores. This new SF Short story¬† is a celebration of old-school scifi. I’ve been working on The Conquered for a while; this is the moment where it gets fired off into the universe!

As I mentioned earlier, my love of thoughtful, old-school scifi comes from places like The Twilight Zone. The Conquered is a story like that, where we talk about some fundamental concepts like ‘what if aliens conquered Earth?’ and ‘what if quantum mechanics impact other universes like an oil spill on sea life?’ I play around with those ideas, and more – here’s a brief description of the short:

New SF Short Story - The Conquered - Old-school ScifiThe Conquered

Three space explorers arrive on a new planet to find the hungry, desperate faces of a conquered civilization. These people are human, intelligent and aware of space travel. Why are they dressed in rags? Why isn’t anyone allowed to own a tool, or medicine? What happened to their cities and culture? The chilling answer comes from the six-meter alien with smoke-colored armor and polished fangs, and he does not come in peace.
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If you like The Conquered, I invite you to check out my other shorts. I’ll be submitting another new SF short story, in that same old-school scifi style, very soon. I’m getting more stuff out the door in 2021 so I look forward to sharing some other news in the near future!