“What’s Your Novel About?” – Intro to Mesh

Churning away on edits, I want to take this opportunity to talk about what my scifi novel ‘Mesh’ is all about.

So far I’ve only published short stories, but I want to do more. It’s great to pull off a 6-12K word tale, but what about an epic novel? Can I do it? Will people enjoy it? Writing a full-length novel has been on my bucket list since I was 12. Now, several decades later, I want to give it a shot. Here’s what Mesh is about and I hope it’s something you’ll enjoy:

“My name is Roman Diaz. One day I was a nerdy kid. The next day I’m on the run. Everyone thinks I’m a terrorist. I just wanted an ‘A’ on my science project.”

Fourteen-year-old Roman only wants two things out of life: out of this wheelchair and away from his dead-end school. A prestigious technical high school is offering a chance at both. How can Roman and his geeky best-friend Zeke say no?

Miramar High isn’t just a magnet school: it’s an incubator for the next Elon Musk and Albert Einstein. They give Roman cybernetic links and an exo-skeleton to get out of his wheelchair. Now Roman’s new mentor gives them a new project: The Mesh. Can kids create a new form of communication to save the world? That’s the challenge, and along with the Snow Foxes, Roman and Zeke are making it happen.

Suddenly, secrets get revealed. All is not as it seems. Friends become enemies. Truths become lies. Rockstar students are now criminals. With no other choice, Roman uses his robotic legs to start running. He must destroy the Mesh, before it destroys him.

Currently editing and improving with Beta readers, MESH is the first novel a science fiction YA series that will appeal to readers of Ernie Cline’s READY PLAYER ONE and binge-watchers of STRANGER THINGS.

Mesh is a celebration of many different stories, people and ideas that I’ve collected over the years. Parsing ideas down into a readable story is an interesting challenge, and I’m finding it to be personally rewarding.

I’m still in search of an agent – I want to publish Mesh through the traditional market, as opposed to self-publishing. I can always use more feedback from sci-fi readers on the material, and from writing professionals on how to get published. Please contact me via Reddit if you’d like to be a part of my team.

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