Mesh – Scifi Series Portal Page

Mesh – Scifi Series Portal Page

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Hi there, I’m Jackson Allen.

Mesh is a novel series I’ve been working on for several years now and it’s at the point where I’m ready to introduce it to the literary world. To simplify the process, I’ve created this landing page to include publishing-specific information on the series.


Roman better think fast: the bad guys are coming and they aren’t messing around. When Roman and his best friend Zeke join the smartest kids in America at Miramar Technical High School, anything is possible! Some kids graduate as billionaires, working on cutting-edge, world-changing tech projects. Roman rolls in on his wheelchair to a a world of discovery and adventure, and a universe of secrets and deception and betrayal.

Zeke and Roman are there to help with a top-secret project code-named November. Working with virtual reality, artificial intelligence and every ounce of their brains, their mission is to score at the Titan Conference, a worldwide invention and investing convention. Success means freedom for Roman. He’ll be set for life, he’ll work for the business elites that fund the school, and most importantly: Roman will walk again.

Everything changes when Roman discovers the truth. Project November won’t save the world, it will take over the world! The two teens must decide what they’re willing to sacrifice if your freedom comes by stealing freedom from others. His revelation comes at a cost: now the ultra-powerful people he works for see him as a liability, not an asset. They’ve erased people before, and unless Roman acts quickly, he’s next on their list.

MESH is a complete, 92,000 word YA sci-fi thriller I would describe as ‘Stranger Things‘ meets ‘Ready Player One‘ that will appeal to Lynette Noni’s ‘Whisper,’ and Rebecca Hanover’s ‘The Similars.’ Mesh is designed to be the first story in a larger series with a colorful cast of rich, authentic characters.

Agent / Representation Details

  • Genre: science-fiction young adult
  • Word count: 92K words
  • Mesh is publish-ready and the first in a three-book series
  • Mesh is currently under consideration at Coverfly for the following competitions
    • ScreenCraft Cinematic Book Contest (2019)
    • Launch Pad Manuscript Competition (2020)

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