Mesh – Scifi Book Series Portal Page

Mesh - Scifi Book Series Portal Page

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Hi there, I’m Jackson Allen. MESH is a deeply personal scifi book series, designed for anyone who’s been screwed over by life before they got started. To simplify the process of finding an agent and mainstream publishing, I created this portal page to include publishing-specific information on the series.


In a split-second, Roman goes from super-smart bionic kid to international cyber-criminal. How could a science project ruin his life? Ever since the outbreak, he’s only wanted two things out of life: get out of his wheelchair and escape his dead-end, no-future town. An invitation to Miramar Technical High School by its mysterious principal Doctor Gray might be the answer to his prayers. On campus, Roman and his best friend Zeke are in heaven. A new school filled with cool friends, wacky traditions, and the hottest AI and virtual reality tech? Yes, please!

Doctor Gray invites them to a top-secret project code-named November. Success means everything for Roman: graduation with honors, a cushy job and most importantly, he’ll be able to walk again. When Roman learns Doctor Gray’s true intention to take over the world with a mind-control device, he has to choose between freedom or friends. But now that he knows, Roman is a liability. Doctor Gray doesn’t just want his legs, he wants Roman’s life. The man’s powerful contacts erase people for a living. Roman has to run, if he doesn’t want to be next on their list.

MESH is a complete, 87K word High MG / Low YA sci-fi thriller I would describe as ‘Stranger Things’ meets ‘Big Hero Six’ that will appeal to readers of the ‘LAST REALITY SERIES’ by Jason Segal and ‘STRONGER, FASTER, AND MORE BEAUTIFUL’ by Arwen Elys Dayton.

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  Mesh - Scifi Book Series Portal Page Mesh Book Series - Concept Art   Mesh Book Series - Concept Art

Mesh Book Series - Concept Art


Stranger Things X Ready Player One: Mesh is a world of discovery, adventure, secrets, and betrayal. Supersmart teens invent a world-changing technology. It might get them killed.

Potential Target Audience

High MG / Low YA –

Similar Books

‘Last Reality Series’ by Jason Segal, the ‘Gallagher Girls’ series by Ally Carter and Lynette Noni’s ‘Whisper,’ and ‘Stronger, Faster, and More Beautiful’ by Arwen Elys Dayton

Agent / Representation Details

  • Genre: MG/YA/SF/Thriller
  • Word count: 87K words
  • Mesh is publish-ready and the first in a three-book series

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Mesh – Scifi Book Series Portal Page

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