Mesh – Scifi Book For Fans of Enders Game and Ready Player One

Mesh - Scifi Book For Fans of Enders Game and Ready Player One

Mesh is a scifi book for fans of Ender’s Game and Ready Player One. If you liked those novels, you’re going to sink your teeth into Mesh. Want your middle grade kids, ages 10 to 13, reading good books? I’m here to help. Read on for more details!

Look, we get it: it’s much easier to find an enjoyable movie than an enjoyable book for kids. Even popular best sellers can fail to cross the threshold between good to great. Rating systems may equal “Fun to read” but they’re not infallible.

Mesh - Scifi Book For Fans of Enders Game and Ready Player One

It’s not enough to have a story to tell, either. Kids need to be encouraged to pursue STEM without being preached at. Even well-intentioned adults can kill kids’ curiosity, so how do we get together to create the future we want to live in?

I started out writing Mesh as a story that interested me – what if you had kids, who were supersmart but misunderstood, and they found themselves in the middle of a spy thriller? From there, the story grew to explore other areas of technology, humanity, and curiosity. It took me some time to realize that Mesh had an opportunity, and a responsibility, to be a gateway to the world-changing, world-saving aspects of STEM.

How do we do that? We make STEM fun! Mesh is a story where kids learn to blow things up, build robots, architect and code in virtual reality, and most importantly – save the world. By the time readers finish the last page, Mesh will have transported them through a funky, insightful look at the history of technology and the future of our techno- civilization. Teen beta readers already report how much they love the retro tech hidden in the story. I also put in Easter Eggs about the history of hacking – from MIT’s ‘hacks’ back in the 1930s until now.

The point is to connect modern kids with the historic meaning of technology – making the world a better place. In fact, Mesh’s hopeful message is: ‘The future is a beautiful place – let’s build it together!’

As an aspiring author, I put my heart and soul into making Mesh work. The next step is to find Mesh’s readers, and I’ve decided to make Mesh a traditionally-published scifi MG novel. Every transformative, disruptive story (Like Ready Player One and Ender’s Game) needs champions and readers. Mesh is a story for the hungry, intelligent minds of our 21st century – I’m inviting you to be one of those champions to help Mesh and those minds find each other.

What can you do? Easy:

  • Give us a shout on social media – Reddit / Twitter / Facebook – “I can’t wait to read this cool new scifi novel!”
  • Connect with me on Twitter – or my mailing list – it’s a known fact that publishers respond to # of Twitter followers / # of people on your mailing list.
  • Tell your favorite librarian about us – ask them to ask for Mesh!
  • Tell your favorite book shop about us – ask them to ask for Mesh!
  • Know someone in the literary industry? Connect us – I’d love to speak with them!

Yes, Mesh is a scifi book for fans of Enders Game and Ready Player One. There are other ways to support Mesh, too!

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