Mesh: Relax, It’s Only a Story

As I’m editing and re-writing Mesh, I’m also watching the news. Why? Pretty simple – I’m curious to see if the future I’m imagining has any chance of actually happening.

It occurs to me, also, that readers of Mesh may begin drawing unfair conclusions about my personal views after reading it. Do I advocate for an authoritarian society by writing about one? Do I advocate for anarchy by talking about what happens if it does? How do I really feel? I think I need to post a quick word at the start of the book about this. Here’s a quick draft – see what you think:

Mesh is a work of fiction. In this polarized world, readers may be tempted to draw specific conclusions about my personal values. Please be assured that the characters are the characters, the story is the story, you are you, and I am me. Like a rollercoaster ride, this is designed to thrill and chill. In the end, you will be returned to reality as safe as you were when you started.