Leave George R. R. Martin Alone!

Oh God, really??

Leave George R. R. Martin Alone!

I guess the Harvey Dent was right: You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain. Some people are maniacs online. I read how angry fans are trashing George RR Martin’s release schedule, and it left me spitting with anger. Then I sat on this blog post for over a month. Life is too short to get into petty squabbles, I said. Now I’m reading this … ‘Game of Thrones has lost its way.’

You people (I’m speaking to the fans that can’t enjoy a show or a book without turning into armchair pundits) need your head examined. I’ve met GRRM and he’s a sweet guy. He doesn’t deserve this.

Leave George R. R. Martin Alone!

Here’s the thing: We’re all trying to make it as authors here. Is this is all we have to look forward to if we’re lucky enough to achieve his level of success? We’re conditioned to spend our lives trying to tap into the id of our readers, understand them and write stories they love. George R.R. Martin did that. Now you’re turning on him? Are you crazy??

I don’t believe in wizards or curses, but if I did, I’d be casting dark spells left and right at the Orcs who thought this was appropriate behavior. Banish them to the land of America’s Got Talent reruns and Walmart-brand toilet paper, because that’s all they would deserve, for abusing GRRM like some contestant on a Fox reality show.

Leave George R. R. Martin Alone!

In some people’s mind, GRRM is a story machine that only requires money and attention as fuel. That’s not how this works. Not only that, that’s a rude way to treat anyone. Worse than that, it’s ignorant of simple facts: where were you guys during the years that GRRM spent languishing in obscurity. Where were you guys when he was writing episodes of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and ‘Max Headroom’ to keep the lights on?

George R.R. Martin is smart enough not to publish something that doesn’t meet his standards of quality and to that I say, bravo! You don’t get the Neiman Marcus experience at Wal-Mart. You can’t get a good steak at a McDonalds. He knows this, even if you don’t. Creativity isn’t a competition sport. It’s a goose that lays golden eggs. Whether you know it or not, you’re trying to kill it.

Every person that sent a mean tweet about GRRM should have a Hot Pocket explode in their microwave. Your laundry quarters should fall down a vent, and you should be forced to give pills to a cat. Rectally. I hope someone breaks in your car and sets all your radio stations to Spanish religious channels. You need that kind of soul-sucking irritation in your life, so you can understand what it feels like to a non-contributing zero like you.

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