Last Message from Titan Six – New Scifi Short Story Submitted

Last Message from Titan Six - New Scifi Short Story SubmittedI’ve submitted a new scifi short story to Clarkesworld: Last Message from Titan Six. It’s a nice break from the horror show outside.  Right now, Eugene is under siege with smoke from various wildfires turning our atmosphere into a dystopian hellscape. Like everyone else, I’m waiting for things to get better.

This new scifi short story came from a Reddit writing prompt – I tuned my original submission and fixed a number of grammar errors. Now it’s time to see if Clarkesworld thinks it’s good enough for publication as is. If not, then I can continue working on it. Like all my other scifi shorts, you can track Last Message from Titan Six’s progress on my production board.

How are the rest of my shorts coming? Still waiting for feedback from Apex on ‘The Necktie Party.’ I’m continuing to submit ‘The Conquered’ to different magazines and I’m developing ‘Major Dawg’ into a longer short, but it’s taking me some time to see how the story should end.

So in a nutshell: I’m still cranking forward. Every new scifi short story I submit brings me closer to my dream: writing full-time for a living. Excited to see what kind of feedback I get.