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Look, we get it: it’s much easier to find an enjoyable movie than an enjoyable book for kids. Even popular best sellers can fail to cross the threshold between good to great. Rating systems may equal “Fun to read” but they’re not infallible.

It’s not enough to have a story to tell, either. Kids need to be encouraged to pursue STEM without being preached at. Even well-intentioned adults can kill kids’ curiosity, so how do we get together to create the future we want to live in? The point is to connect modern kids with the historic meaning of technology – making the world a better place. In fact, my scifi has a hopeful message: ‘The future is a beautiful place – let’s build it together!’

As an aspiring author, I put my heart and soul into my stories work. The next step is to find my readers, the hungry, intelligent minds of our 21st century. I’ll get there eventually, but will you be a part of that story? When you Join the Inkican Crew Scifi Community, you’re putting yourself on the right side of that history.