Inkican Tribe Swag – Helping Cool People Find Each Other

Happy Monday! 🙂 Doing some thinking over the weekend about Inkican Tribe and decided to start work on some Inkican Tribe Swag. Here are some ideas that I threw together – see what you think:

Inkican Tribe Swag Inkican Tribe Swag

Why am I doing this? Authors do lots of buttons and that’s cool but me? I’m an old school music nerd. You covered your binders, your headboard, your garbage can in weird, obscure decals to show who you listened to. Who you listened to became who you are. Saying who you are helped you find other people like you. As the guy who writes the stories you like, I want you to have something that helps them find other cool people like you.

Vinyl decals have a rich history. For instance, they got their start in “17th century France where there was an engraver by the name of Simon François Ravenet he studied engraving in France but later Custom Decalsmoved to Britain. In Britain Mr. Ravenet was an assistant to William Hogarth an English print maker. Mr. Ravenet was credited for reviving engraving in England and also for inventing the technique (still in use today) used in making vinyl decals.”

So these decals are the start of whatever Inkican Tribe Swag we do together. Love them? Hate them? Tell me on Twitter.