Real-Time Hacks with Kevin Mitnick

Since I’ve talked about the History of Hacking, let me introduce you to a hacking legend. Kevin Mitnick is a computer security consultant and convicted hacker. As a youngster, Mitnick utilized social engineering and dumpster diving to hack the LA bus system. As an adult, he engaged in a number of high profile hacks, sending him to prison for several years.

Now, Mitnick is a paid security consultant, public speaker and author. He still retains his hacking chops. Watch him describe the process to scan, steal, and clone a security ID badge in a matter of minutes. It helps you understand why hacking and information security are a top priority in the 21st Century:

Now a word to the wise – while it’s okay to understand what hacking is and how it works, it is not okay to break in and steal anything, no matter how you do it. Kevin Mitnick is famous, but he’s also a convicted felon. The government will probably watch him for potential criminal activity for the rest of his life.

The moral of these real-time hacks with Kevin Mitnick is this: if you use your technical and hacking skills for good, you can help make the world a better place. If you hack for bad reasons, turn yourself into a black hat hacker, then you’re spitting in the face of all the techno-gods who built those systems. Make the right choice.