Sci-Friday #40 – I Hope This is Fake

Sci-fi is at its best when it makes you go “Whoa … what if …” This video by Corridor features a company called Bosstown Dynamics (Ha-ha, because the real company is …) really blurs the line between science fiction and science fact. I came away with this going “I hope this is fake.” You probably will, too.

Enjoy Sci-Friday #40!

Sci-Friday #39 – Detroit, 2029 – Fun Scifi Stuff

Today’s Sci-Friday is part fun, part signal boost. There are many indie science fiction creators out there and so it’s good as a matter of habit to talk about them. In 2017, Neil Harvey released ‘Detroit, 2029’ to DUST and two years later, it still retains a sense of tension and wonder that you can’t escape. Mostly found-footage, Harvey talks about a regular guy living in amazing times. Definitely worth your attention.

That’s it for now – working on new stuff – have a great weekend! 🙂