In Memoriam – Carrie Fisher – 1956-2016

I know I’m the last person you want to hear from on this, but like you I’m affected deeply by the loss of this talented and classy lady. I posted this tribute on Imgur and am passing along to you:

More than a princess

She was a survivor, a mensch, a powerful actor as well as writer. She moved mountains, plumbed the depths of hell and lived to tell the tale. Rest in peace, Carrie. It won’t be the same universe without you.

Those Who Wait … ?

The writing game appears to be fraught with long periods of silence while you wait to hear from publishers on the acceptance or rejection of your work. As frustrating as that is, nobody has discovered an answer for it. ‘First thing you learn,’ as Lou Reed was fond of saying, ‘is that you always gotta wait.’  I’m cranking on ‘The Battle of Victoria Crater’ while I wait, and ‘Planet Ugh’ has been drafted and is out for comments.

So while all that is going on … there’s just silence. Will they love it? Will they hate it? I don’t know. The suspense is supposed to kill my audience, not me. I comfort myself with a couple of quotes … you might find them useful:

Be patient, but never idle – Franciso Alvarez


I learned that all things come to those who wait-provided they hustle while they wait. – James Cash Penney

These little mind-bombs encompass where I’m at right now. I have some adulting to do while I wait for my dreams to come true. Go make something awesome!

Working on a Book Proposal: “Mesh”

67300035-mesh-wallpapersWithout giving away the store, let me say that I’m working on a proposal and will keep you posted. Mesh is ‘Fight Club meets Stranger Things.’ Meanwhile, I’ve updated the Novels page and added a new project page to cover whatever Mesh turns into.

The backstory is interesting unto itself but there’s too many details I can’t share yet. Suffice to say, I have some very supportive friends in the publishing business. They’re giving me a boost to get a book pitch in front of agents. As soon as I have a solid, working process, I promise to come back and explain how it all works.

New Short: The Battle of Victoria Crater


Got a new idea for a short story that I’ll be exploring – The Battle of Victoria Crater takes place on Mars, about a hundred years after the first human lands there. Elon Musk talks about the benefit of sending people there, but I’m somewhat skeptical that traveling to another planet will make us leave all our baggage behind.

Adding The Battle of Victoria Crater to the Short Stories production queue – feel free to ask any questions!

New Shorts in Production


Sometimes new ideas happen pretty quick – I started jotting down some notes for three new short stories today. Writing every day is a discipline, but the ideas themselves show up whenever they want. It’s important to get them onto paper as soon as I can so I can get into a regular habit of production. If you’re on for it, you can watch the production in progress here:

Short Stories

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Short Story Update – Completed First Draft of ‘Body Issues’

photo-1447584402565-2a5b35a7ea8aPleased to say that I finished the short story I was talking about earlier this week. ‘Body Issues’ explores life for girls in a world where genetic engineering and consumer bioengineering have gone mainstream. It’s out for comments with my writing group and I’ll submit it after Body Issues is greenlit.

I’ll post another update in a few hours but wanted you to know in the meantime that my projects are moving forward. If you’d like to reward me with something from the Phil Tippett Auction, I’ll reward you by naming a protagonist after you in an upcoming story.

Just kidding … sort of.

That Time I Got a Shoutout from @CancelledAgain

That Time I Got a Shoutout from @CancelledAgain

I’m friends with Tim on Facebook. You might know him but you know his work (Firefly, Buffy … X-Files). He’s a supremely cool cat – Sent him a meme based on one of his pictures from the Emmys and he re-posted it. That happened on Monday and it made my week.

Sharing it because awesome stuff can happen to anybody – need to celebrate it if you want more awesome in your life. It’s only a meme, but it’s a start.