Building Tribes: Inkican’s Next Project

Building Tribes: Inkican's Next ProjectWow – it took a couple of years but I finally came back to it – another light on the ‘Author Success Sequence’ is lit. Take a look over there on the Control Panel – it’s on the right if you’re on the desktop or at the bottom if you’re on mobile. What that means is that Inkican enters a new phase while I work on Project Arecibo – building the tribe. No emerging artist can make it without their tribe, so building tribes is Inkican’s next project.

What is a tribe? It’s a unique group of fans, friends, and followers who resonate with your worldview. It’s about creating a community of people who want to hear from you. It’s about¬†moving your ideas through a platform to encourage a human interaction. If we have a tribe, then Mesh and every other novel I write will have a book deal – it’s that simple. Now here’s the hard part:¬†Finding your tribe is incredibly difficult. You …

  • must choose and commit to a path
  • must find your own way
  • can’t give in to the pressure of what other people are doing

When it comes to tribes, I want a tribe that isn’t tribal. Tribalism is like racism, and I’m not okay with either of those things.

Here’s another hard truth: every tribe has its own origin story. I have to be aware of what everyone else has done, but I can never do what everyone else does. If I do, I won’t have a tribe. It won’t be a group of people who resonate with my worldview. I’m saying all of this to give you a sense of what job I have to do by breaking it down into intent, philosophy, strategy, and tactics. Lots of reading, research, and experimentation.

So yes, this is Inkican’s next project: building tribes. Want to come along for the ride? Keep watching for more updates.