25 Reasons Creative People Are Organized People

I ran across this picture on the Internet, and it made me realize that creative people are organized people. You cannot expect to do whatever you want, if you expect people to pay for what you do. Click on it to expand – creative people have very structured daily routines:

25 Reasons Creative People Are Organized People

There’s a common myth that creative people aren’t disciplined. After all, if you get paid to express yourself, why be organized? There’s a story about Picasso, who spent an hour doodling on a napkin in a cafe. When he went to leave, a woman offered to buy the napkin. Picasso agreed, but the price was $10,000. The woman refused, saying “that only took you twenty minutes!” “No,” Picasso replied. “It took me sixty years.” Whether the story is true or not, it illustrates the point that creative people have to value their time and energy before anyone else will.

No, creative people must be organized. If you’re looking for more information on how to be professional with your creativity, you should check out ‘Design is a Job’ by Mike Monteiro.

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